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Massage services:

Myofascial/Deep Tissue Massage
Myofascial massage consists of slow strokes with sustained pressure that target the fascial web, which is the network of connective tissue that supports all structures in the body. You will be working along with the therapist to target the restrictions in your body by creating specific body movements. These movements increase the efficiency of the work by increasing your mind-body awareness, as well as stimulating positive neuromuscular repatterning. This work is effective for relieving pain, unravelling tension patterns, and adjusting posture by lengthening and spreading targeted muscles, and releasing restricting adhesions.

Classic Swedish/Relaxation Massage
This is your typical spa massage where you can bliss out and relax. A session will include long, flowing strokes with the addition of kneading, friction, vibration, and percussive strokes. You may also receive joint mobilizations, which are movements through range of motion that create space in your joints. This massage is great for general relaxation and stress reduction, and it has the intention of getting fresh circulation to the whole body.

Integrative Massage
This type of massage works to integrate your mind and body by tapping into the innate intelligence of your body. Our bodies are continually working to sustain our lives, and they do it with incredible intelligence, of which we are not even concious. But if we slow down and create space, we can follow sensations in the body on a path of discovery. This approach to massage is ideal for working with chronic holding patterns, resolving trauma, and promoting the flow of energy and emotions in the body.


*Times correspond to the amount of treatment time on the table.  A full session will take up to 30 minutes longer than listed time to include intake and assessment.

Session Length   Rate
     60 minutes
     90 minutes
Additional fee for in-home
(mobile) massage

Package Deals*


(buy 5 get the 6th free)

Six 60-minute sessions

Six 90-minute sessions


*Package deals intended for use within one year.  Expire after 5 years.

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