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Benefits of Massage

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Benefits of Massage

With our high-paced modern lifestyles, it is a challenge to manage the stress we put on our minds and bodies. Throughout the day, we constantly put our bodies in awkward positions as we complete the agenda of our minds - hunched in front of a computer, sitting statically while driving a car, or doing difficult house and yard work. This regular stress on our minds and bodies gets woven together to create greater issues. Massage can be an excellent tool to break the cycle and restore your vibrant, calm, soft, authentic being.

Relaxed body, relaxed mind.  

Relaxed heart, relaxed soul.

Unwind & Stabilize Unwind & Stabilize

Massage reduces the symptoms of anxiety by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, and it reduces the effects of depression by increasing serotonin and dopamine production.
     •    Enhances QUALITY OF SLEEP
     •    Reduces FATIGUE
     •    Promotes EMOTIONAL BALANCE
Relax & Let Go Relax & Let Go

Massage relieves temporary and chronic pain by triggering the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer, thereby reducing the need for anti-inflammatory drugs. 
     •    Alleviates HEADACHES
     •    Reduces BACK PAIN
     •    Reduces SPASMS and CRAMPING
Balance & Cleanse Balance & Cleanse

Massage improves circulation of blood and lymph which helps bring fresh nutrients to the cells and assists in removal of waste products from the body.
     •    Increases IMMUNE RESPONSE
     •    Reduces HEART RATE
     •    Lowers BLOOD PRESSURE
Optimize & Repattern Optimize & Repattern

Promotes balance in the body while improving posture and range of movement. 
     •    Increases FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY
     •    Increases COORDINATION
     •    Reduces formation of excessive SCAR TISSUE

Rejuvenate & Awaken

Rejuvenate & Awaken

Massage promotes overall health and well-being by satisfying the need for caring, nurturing touch. For many, it provides a safe place to let go of deeply held emotions, memories, and/or conditioned tendencies.
     •    Increases AWARENESS of the mind-body                       connection
     •    Improves CONCENTRATION and ALERTNESS
     •    Provides a PERSONAL CONNECTION that                    builds a sense of TRUST

Send love to your body. 

Take back your health!

Just one session of bodywork can make a world of difference.  But a regular schedule of self-care can really blaze a trail to wellness and comfort within your own body.

Regular massage treatments are not just a luxury. Massage is an investment in your health - a choice towards well-being. And it can be an integral part of an effective wellness plan.

I would love to be the practitioner that listens to your needs, and provides a calm space that allows you to soften and rejuvenate your body.  Through a therapeutic relationship, we will work with the body to uncover your authentic self, and bring harmony to your mind and body.
Come discover your own self-healing potential.  Schedule Now

"Start with the body, it is your home, love it, accept it..." -OSHO

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